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Xunaa Borough Petition

Petition Exhibit DocumenT Drafts

Listed below are drafts of vital documents which the petition contains within, a brief description of each draft's contents will follow thereafter. To view an exhibit draft, just click on the red button directly next to its respective document title. 

Xunaa Petition

Draft document containing the outline of the proposed Xunaa Borough petition.

Exhibit D: Budget

Draft of the projected budget for the Xunaa Borough with attached notes.

Exhibit E: Petitioner's Brief

Draft of the petitioner's brief in support of the Xunaa Borough incorporation.

Exhibit F: Transition Plan

Draft of the transition plan and how the Borough wants to proceed forward with the plan.

Exhibit I: Xunaa Charter

Draft document containing the overall Xunaa Borough Home Rule Charter.

Exhibit W: Raw Fish Sales Tax

Draft of the proposed raw fish sales tax from the Xunaa Borough.

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