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Xunaa Borough Petition

Petition Exhibit DocumenTs

Listed below are vital documents which the petition contains within, a brief description of each document's contents will follow thereafter.     To view an exhibit document, just click on the red button directly next to its respective document title. 

Exhibit A: Voting

2022 Voting Information for the City of Hoonah and Proposed Xunaa Borough

Exhibit c: Boundary

Map of the Proposed Xunaa Borough with Comparisons to Nearby Boroughs

Exhibit C1: Gustavus  Exclusion

Outline of the Xunaa Borough in Relation to the Gustavus City Boundary

Exhibit C2: Pelican Exclusion

Outline of the Xunaa Borough in Relation to the Pelican City Boundary

Exhibit C3: TeNAKEE   Exclusion

Outline of the Xunaa Borough in Relation to Tenakee Springs City Boundary

Exhibit C4: Certification Of BOUNDARies

State of Alaska Boundary Certification Document as of January 13th, 2023

Exhibit C5: original Certification of BOUNDARies

Original State of Alaska Boundary Certificate as of March 30th, 1993

Exhibit C6: BOUNDARy in ComParison

Map of Boundaries of Surrounding Boroughs Throughout Eastern Alaska 

Exhibit D: ProjectedBudget

Copy of the Projected Budget for the Xunaa Borough

Exhibit D1: Property Valuation

Assessed Full & True Value of Real & Personal Property Within the Municipality.

Exhibit E: Petitioner's Brief

How the Incorporation of the Xunaa Borough Satisfies Alaska Constitutional Standards 

Exhibit F: Transition Plan

Detailed Plan Which Outlines the Process of Transition from City of Hoonah to Xunaa Borough

Exhibit G: Public

Contains Information Relating to Public Notice and Service of the Petition

Exhibit H: resolution #23-05-04

City Council Authorization of the Filing and Sponsorship of a Petition with ALBD

Exhibit I: Xunaa Charter

Copy of the Complete Xunaa Borough Charter

Exhibit J: AcCuracy

Confirmation of Accurate Information by the Representative of Petitioner

Exhibit K: HaA Aaní 
Our Land

Xunaa Territory Section of 'Haa Aaní - Our Land' by Walter R. Goldschmidt & Theodore H. Haas

Exhibit L: Subsistence
Harvest &

Report from R. Schroeder & M. Kookesh Regarding Subsistence Harvest in Xunaa

Exhibit M:
Connection to
Glacier Bay

NPS Description of Xunaa Ḵáawu Historical & Cultural Connection to Glacier Bay

Exhibit N:

NPS Report of Xunaa Ḵáawu Cultural Landscape in Glacier Bay

Exhibit O:
Harvest &
Use of Wild

Technical Paper Outlining the Harvest & Use of Wild Resources in Xunaa

Exhibit P:
Forest Service
Presence Map

 Map of the USFS Presence and Districts Within the Proposed Xunaa Borough

Exhibit Q:
Fish & Game
Catch & Value

Alaska Fish & Game Aquatic Catch and Value Statistics from 2017-2021

Exhibit R:
HIA NAtive

List of Application Allotments from Hoonah Indian Association (HIA)

Exhibit S:
NPS Tribal
House Project

Article from the National Park Service Regarding the Tribal House Project

Exhibit T:
Memorandum of

Government-to-Government Relationships with Department of the Interior

Exhibit U:

Copy of the Letter of Invitation to Gustavus to Join the Incorporation of Xunaa Borough

Exhibit V:

Copy of the Letter of Declination from the City of Gustavus

Exhibit W:
Sales Tax

Document Containing Details of the Proposed Seasonal Sales Tax

Exhibit X:
Huna Totem

Copy of the Letter of Support from Huna Totem Corporation to Incorporate the Borough

Exhibit Z:
Hoonah I.A.

Copy of the Letter of Support from Hoonah Indian Association to Incorporate the Borough

Exhibit AA:
Community of
The Year 2022

Report of the Winner of the Southeast Alaska Community of the Year Award for 2022

Exhibit BB:
Hoonah by
the numbers

Article Detailing Hoonah's Sustainability by Rain Coast Data in October 2022

Exhibit CC:
Affidavit of
Meilani Schijvens

Affidavit from the Director of Rain Coast Data Regarding Borough Incorporation

Exhibit DD:

US Navy Presentation Describing the History of Huna-Tsimshian Relations

Exhibit EE:
Best Interest

Copy of Letter to Alaska Department of Education Regarding Hoonah School District

Exhibit FF:
2nd Best Interest

Copy of the Second Letter to Alaska DoE Regarding Hoonah School District

Exhibit GG:

Copy of Emails to Determine Who Can Initiate a Petition for Boundary Changes

Exhibit HH:

End of 2021 Fiscal Report for the City of Hoonah

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