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12-209 Motor Vehicle Crash

4th of July Merchant Permit

ATV & Snow Mobile Registration 

Bicycle Registration 

Building or Fill/Grade Permit Application

City Employment Application

City of Hoonah Business Registration Application 

City Hall Use Agreement

Contact Us 

Driver For Hire Application

State of AK DMV Record Request

Liquor Board Grant Application

Hoonah Department of Public Safety

Non Profit Sales Tax Exempt Card Application 

Outdoor Advertising Sign Application

Passenger Vessel For Hire Permit Application 

Passenger Vessel Loading/Access Permit App

Pet Registration

Public Records Information Request Form

Release of Liability/ Waiver Authorization

Request to Appear before Planning and Zoning

Sales Tax Forms (due Monthly)

Excise Sales Tax Form (Alcohol & Tobacco)

Senior Sales Tax Exempt Application

Vehicle for Hire Application

Voluntary Statement

Water Line Service Application (Owner)

Water Line Service Application (Renter)

Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine Agreement

Hoonah Essential Services and Critical Workforce Infrastructure COVID-19 Agreement

Hoonah Subsistence Fishing and Fishing Industry COVID-19 Agreement

Hoonah Essential Government Services Personnel COVID-19 Agreement

City of Hoonah Request to Appear before City Council

Community, Comment & Action Form

Hoonah Public Safety Citizen Complaint Form

Forms, Permits, and Applications 

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