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Utilities plant

(907) 945-3663 ext.21

The City of Hoonah provides the Utility Services of Water, Sewer, and Garbage. 

Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card in office or online, and check by mail or drop-box outside of City Hall. Remember that payments put in the drop-box after 4:00 pm will be applied the next business day.

Payment for utility bills by mail is due immediately upon receipt, since we bill in the month after providing the service. If not paid in full on or before the last business day of the month in which the bill is received, the entire unpaid balance becomes delinquent, and subject to late charges and interest, and your service may be discontinued.

Please call City Hall at (907) 945-3663 ext. 21 to request a water shut-off, turn-on, to apply for utility services, or to make a payment. 

City of Hoonah Utility Rates

Services of Water, Sewer, and Garbage. 


$86.96         (w/ LATE FEE of $5.87) = $92.83

$35.44 - Water

$22.80 - Sewer

$28.72 - Refuse (garbage)

REGULAR (age 64 and under) CUSTOMERS:

$136.99       (w/ LATE FEE of $6.37) = $143.36

$38.00 - Water

$50.63 - Sewer

$40.00 - Refuse (garbage)

$8.36 - Tax

Commercial Rates are available at City Hall, please call 907-945-3663

Download the xpress billpay App:


Online Bill Pay

You can now pay your Utility bill online!

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