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Welcome to Hoonah, a community that prides itself on remaining authentic and true to its roots. Nestled along Icy Strait on Chichagof Island, Hoonah is the largest Tlingit community in Alaska. Residents embody a vibrant culture in balance with a vast landscape that has a provided for Hoonah's people for thousands of years. 

Whether you are an independent traveler sailing to Honnah from a nearby community or an international tourist onboard one of hr many cruise ships that frequent these waters, Hoonah is a rewarding destination. This town offers outstanding opportunities for learning about Native Tlingit culture, enjoying world-class foods and relaxing in the company of the largest population of brown bears on earth or speed down the longest zipline in North America. 

What makes Hoonah so unique is that this community offers the full suite of Alaska tourism experiences while remaining small, authentic and locally driven. This means that the shops, adventure operations and restaurants in Hoonah are almost entirely locally owned and operated. When you choose to visit Hoonah, you are choosing authenticity. Please enjoy your stay and come again!

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