City of Hoonah

The Little City with a Big Heart

Come explore the history, wildlife and scenery of Hoonah, Alaska.


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300 Front Street

P.O. Box 360

Hoonah, Alaska 99829


( Phone: 907-945-3663


Mayor - ext. 22

City Administrator - ext. 24

City Clerk - ext. 20

Finance/Treasurer - ext. 23

General Information - ext. 21


Fax 907-945-3445


Hoonah (HOO-nah) is a Tlingit community on Chichagof Island, located in Alaska's "panhandle" in the southeast region of the state. It is 30 miles west of Juneau (Capital of Alaska). Chichagof Island is the 5th largest island in the United States. Hoonah (Gaawtak.aan) means "village by the cliff" or (Xu.naa; Huna) "place protected from the North Wind" in the Tlingit language.


Area: 8.7 square miles of which, 6.6 square miles are land and 2.1 square miles are water.

Population: 747 (2011)

Date & Time: 9/12/2012 3:47 PM